10 struggles a Filipino student studying in a different city understands

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Students nowadays experience travelling far from home just to get to school. So, here are a few struggles that students studying in a school/university that is in a different city will understand:

1. You wake up way too early than your classmates
Most of your classmates are just a few kilometers from your school or just around the city but you aren’t. While they are leaving their houses at 6am for your 7am class, you are already almost to school.

2. Travelling to and from another city is costly.
Yes. Unless, you are some rich kid with a chauffeur that drives you to and from school, commuting is really expensive.

3. Hello traffic!
This is the reason why you get late sometimes. Even if you left home early, traffic is so unpredictable.

4. You’re so unlucky when they suspend classes a little bit late.
Early morning, you’re on the bus going to school and then you received an announcement that they have suspended the classes or your professor won’t be coming to your class. Worst case is, that’s the only class you’re going to attend to in the morning.

5. You spend more time travelling than studying.
Let us all recall our elementary lesson that it’s not good to read while inside a moving vehicle and so you just can’t force your eyes to read your books/notes in the bus. You’ll get dizzy or something. And since traffic is like here and there, you spent hours on the bus or something rather than being home studying.

6. Sleep is for the weak.
Uh-huh. Imagine your class ending up at around 8pm and your class for tomorrow starts at 7am. Since travelling takes too much time, you’ll be home late and you still need to do your homework, other school stuff and let’s be honest, you still check your social media accounts that leads you to sleeping late and then you’ll wake up early morning and ta-da! It’s either you’re as sleepy as hell or energetic as a pup chasing a ball.

7. Forgetting is heartbreaking.
As a student, you have a lot to think about---home works, reports, projects, research papers and there comes a time when you forgot something important at home. Going back to get it(especially when you are already in school) will take a lot of time and money. You’re seriously gonna be stressed about it especially when it’s your project to be submitted that day.

8. You feel lazy to attend your one and only class in a day.
Unlucky you if you only have an hour and a half class for the whole day. You feel like you’ve just wasted your time, effort, uniform and money. But it ain’t defeat when you have a few school works to be done with your classmates and especially, you got your allowance.

9. Group work, group work, group work.
Just imagine if you’re the lone member of the group who is living from afar. You’re not familiar with the place you’re going to or the vehicles you need to ride on just to get to your meeting place. You’re lucky if you don’t get lost.

10. Getting home late.
In contrast, to being the first one to wake up for school, you’re the one who always gets home late. Just imagine going home late at night and there are less people and PUVs.