My babies are sick TAT

9:07 PM Rin 0 Comments

Ever since the super typhoon "Hagupit" hit the Philippines and we've been experiencing great and unsual weather change, my two kitties--Shiro and Yoru, got sick. I took them to the vet yesterday and they were prescribed multivitamins and probiotics. But f they don't get well by three days, they need to undergo several tests like fecalysis and complete blood count. I seriously want to cry because they seem so down although they will play with you if you play with them. *cries* What's worse is that Shiro is vomiting and pooping in liquid form. It's been like four days. Before he still eats normally, but since yesterday, he seems like lost his appetite. Yoru keeps on sleeping all day long but eats and drinks normally. I'm really worried. I hope they'll be fine sooner. *prays*