Kisumai poster!!!

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I am a member of a Japanese culture organization in our university. Actually, I was the one who established it. *laughs* Anyways, yesterday, we had our Christmas party. I got to hang out with my friends who also love anime, manga and J-music. Me and my friends,who are also JE fans, kept on singing different JE songs. We totally had the last song syndrome for Ultra Music Power by Hey! Say! JUMP. I mean, when one will say, "J", automatically, one will continue the song by saying, "Johnny's" and it continues until we reach the chorus. It was very fun.

But, what made me happiest is what my senpai had given to me. He already graduated from college but he drops by every now and then. Because he said that he had been receiving so much this year, he wanted to give something in return. So, he had a merchandise giveaway. Weeeeeee! I told him if I could have the Kis-My-Ft2 poster and yatta! He brought it yesterday and gave it to me. I am so happy! I could really faint at that time. The poster was huge! It was a poster from the Everybody Go Single Launch of Kisumai here in the Philippines. It's in a mint condition so yeah, it was really huge and pretty. I'm already out of words but that's what I wanna share.