Hisashiburi JE

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So the first week of classes has just begun and our schedule looks like it's final. Well, I hope it'll be'coz it's really hard when the schedule changes and then you won't have any free days. Ya-da! 

Since last semester, I was really fond of watching J dramas and movies. I'm telling you, I've watched a lot during the semester even though it was really hectic. Anyways, I've watched Shiritsu Bakaleya Koukou. It's a 2012 Japanese drama where the male cast is from Johnny's Entertainment and the female cast is from AKB. It's about the merging of two schools--the yankee school and the prestigious all girl school. It was a great drama. Ever since I watched this drama, it made me a Johnny's fan. AGAIN. I am a fan of Johnny's talents since 2008. Hey! Say! JUMP was the first Johnny's idol group that I liked. But since I was busy with school and I've been into manga and anime lately, I was really outdated with J-music especially JE's. And so, I say "Hisashiburi da na Johnny's". *winks* I've been downloading PVs, mp3s, their TV shows and I really regret that I'm not that updated for the past few years. OTL.

I'm currently into Sexy Zone. :) Nakajima Kento is there and Kikuchi Fuma before they were just from B. I Shadow--a Johnny's Jr. subunit and I've watched them from Scrap Teacher and now they've already debuted. Sugoi desu ne?!

I also like Kis-my-Ft2 and Johnny's Jr talents now. I've been watching VS Arashi and Sexy Zone Channel lately. :) I've downloaded some episode of Cartoon KAT-TUN even though the show is already done in Japan. 

Anyways, Johnny's talents are simply amazing! I hope they continue to grow and I wish them more power and luck in their career. I really recommend their songs, shows and dramas. It's worthwhile and a stress reliever. Yes, it will relieve you from stress. Their shows will make you laugh. you'll enjoy it. I swear. 

Well, that's all for now. I'm currently downloading a Sexy Zone Channel episode and it's really taking so long.

P.S. Shiro and Yoru are getting along now. Yey!