Bye first sem, hello sembreak

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It's been a long time isn't it?

I'm really sorry I was really busy with academics. I even have to lay low on anime, manga and cosplay stuff.

The oh-so perfect schedule when you enrolled turned out to be the worst schedule ever. It was really a tiring schedule. Real talk. Plus, I have this professor that gave our block tons of school work.

But, patience and hard work really pays off.  I just want to share my grades for this semester. I don't usually share my grades because I think showing your grades feels like you're just showing off. But modesty aside, I want to share this with you guys because hard work, perseverance and sacrifice pays off. I'm overwhelmed with my grades and I think studying well really gives you good grades. I've been slacking on studying for quite a while but this semester was really challenging so I need to give myself a little push. Thanks to that, I'm still part of the Dean's List. Yey!

So now that the semester is finally over, hello SEMBREAK!Weeeeeeeee!

And so, my mind and body finally realized that it is already semestral break. I told myself to lessen use of social media sites for a while. :) I don't know why but I just want to.

I'm currently indulging myself with animes and mangas. For cosplay, I really think I'd go on a hiatus since I'm having a hard time saving up my allowance since there are loads of expenses in school.

That's it for now, i guess.

I'll post again sometime this month.

Keep posted!