Black and White

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Hey there.

It's been a month since I adopted a new cat. :)

I think he's an albino domestic short hair since he's a white cat with pale blue eyes. We call him, "Shiro". In Japanese, "shiro" means "white" just like his fur. :)He was so thin and ragged when we saw him but now he's gotten a little bit bigger and a little chubbier. :)

And just a few days ago, we decided to take a new kitten in. She's a black cat. We call her, "Yoru". In Japanese, "yoru" means "night". We decided to name her that because we found her at nighttime and we didn't want to name our cats ending with the same rhyme because they might confuse each others names since they are just kitties. :)

Since they are from different litters, they still don't like each others presence, until now. It's really hard. We seperate them though. Shiro is a bit jealous, I guess. Since he's the little prince in our house and now ur attention will be split into two of them. There are moments that Shiro tries to be friendly by licking Yoru's body but Yoru interprets like she's hurt that's why she gets mad. This also makes Shiro mad and so they end up fighting anyway. *sigh* We keep an eye when they are together outside for playtime. I guess, female cats are just dominant to males. *laughs* But, they are really fighting, not playing because they are hissing at each other and seems to be mad, really mad.

Anyways, I hope they will get along sooner. :) I'll update a new post when they are already friends , I guess. Let's keep our fingers crossed. :)

See ya!