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My exam for today was supposed to be 9-11am. Since I'm from Muntinlupa and my school is in Manila, I woke up at 5am, a little later than the usual 4am. And since I don't want to take the risk of being late on examination days, I decided to go to Manila early even if I need to wait long at school. The usual routine goes. Charge my phone and then check FB, eat, bathe and dress up. And so, I went to the bus terminal, and if you are a student from my place, you know how hard it is to get on a bus at around 6am. The line at the terminal was very very long. And so I decided that I can stand during the trip and yes, I was in the bus. It is my routine that as soon as I get on the bus, I will text my mom that I'm in the bus already. As soon as I got my phone, I received a text message saying that OUR EXAMS WAS MOVED TOMORROW!
And what the hell?!?!? I was standing in the middle of the bus and it was already full. I pushed my way to the front and got down. Huhuhu. I confirmed the text and send a message to my blockmates and hell yeah, it was true.
And so I'm home. All my neighbors and everyone who freaking knows me kept on asking why I went home. OTL
I think I'll sleep again and review later. :)