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Last night, at around 7 or 8pm, Furby went missing. I mean, she was outside. She always does that at night--playing outside. She would never go far away from our house. She knows her limits. My mom was outside and I was preparing her food. My mom left her because she is going to buy something, I was still inside the house preparing food. I asked my sister to please check out Furby for me and then she said, she can't find her. I went outside and placed her food in her bowl. I even let the bowl make a sound because when she hears her bowl, she comes back in a flash, but this time, no.

We searched high and low, calling out her name, told our neighbors she's lost and even helped looking because she's pretty popular here in our neighborhood, everyone knows her. But sadly, a single trace has not been found. We went to sleep by 12mn hoping she'd still comeback but we decided to stop searching and continue early morning. My mom did search again but she really is nowhere to be found. I'm worried sick and I've been crying since last night. I hope she's fine and hopefully can come back soon. She's just a 5 month old kitten. I'm so worried. I really hope she's fine. 

If you happen to be around Muntinlupa, and you see our little darling. Please do contact me.

Furby is a 5 month old domesticated short haired tabby. She has hazel eyes and a bobtail. She weighs 1.75 kilograms. Her special mark is that her paws are all black except for the right hind paw which is a light color brown.