Back to School

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I just have 4 days left. . . The last 4 days of my summer vacation. On June 2, classes will start so I'll be pretty busy (I think,XD) this coming school year since I'm on my third year in college. :) Wish me luck guys. :)

So let me first summarize my summer this year. Compared to last year, this summer has so many happenings. April was pretty busy and fun. Maybe because I was busy taking care of my little kitty, Furby. We adopted her last April so we were really busy taking care of her. We also went to visit my nieces in Makati. I joined a jogging session with my friends from high school last April as well. I also did a couple of artworks and tried new art styles and techniques this summer. As May comes, I thought it would be as fun as April but I guess good things come to an end. First week of May, my dearest uncle got hospitalized and passed away 4 days after. All we think about was him for two weeks. I was not able to cosplay at any event/convention which were just near my place. But looking at the bright side, we were able to go to our province, Marinduque, after 5 long years. We were able to meet other relatives we haven't seen for a while. I was also able to make new friends and hang out with them. I also attended my niece's 3rd birthday and my nephew's Christening. 

So far, I can say my summer 2014 was pretty worthwhile. It was just like a roller coaster ride but at the end of the day, I learned a lot through all the experiences.

I hope your summer was fun too~

See ya and keep posted~