When you had the feels to cosplay at home :)

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I'm dying in this scorching heat.
Boredom kills me.

The social media sites are getting dull and I'm not in the mood to read nor watch anime. Besides, there were no updates from my favorite mangas and latest animes. *winks*

And so, I decided to wear a wig and put on a floral crown. I guess, you can't really say it's cosplay but it's more of like cosplaying your own character. Did you get it? Well, if you don't it's okay. I don't get it myself either. So yeah, it was an original character. :)

I'm so excited to cosplay again. My next cosplay? I'm still keeping it a secret. :) But, I hope I can really come on Cosmic Con on May 10 and 11 at Festival Mall, Alabang and have my next cosplay debut there. Actually my next cosplay is not that really to be excited about. 

Well, that's all. :)

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