What was lost is finally found :)

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Hi there!

Last Monday, we decided to adopt a kitten from our neighbor since they are just giving the kittens away. So we decided to keep one. We named it Furby :) Cute, isnt it?

Here's the thing. Furby sleeps in our frontyard. We keep her warm and she really has this little home we made. The next morning, we didn't find her there. Good thing, our neighbor next door found her and brought it back to us. Furby really loves to eat, drink, play and just sleep.

The next day, Furby wasn't in our front yard AGAIN! We asked our neighbor who caught her once but she wasn't there. We searched the whole yard but there were no signs of Furby. My mom, my little sis and I were already panicking, stressed to be exact. Mom continued to search for her and asked other neighbors if they saw Furby. 

Mom decided to ask one of the boys who always stay up late at night and he did gave us information that might lead us to Furby. Thank goodness, Furby was found. It was already noon time. Furby went out of our house before the dawn breaks and the one who caught her saw her and took her and fed her. We were so thankful. We were so relieved!

Furby is now with us and right now, she's sleeping soundly. :) <3 p="">