Summer has never been better with my new found love!

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Ever since the Spring Anime 2014 started, I have a new found love. :) <3>

There are a lot of sports anime nowadays but I haven't found a new anime with my favorite sport--volleyball. But, thank goodness, my prayers got answered! :))

Haikyuu!! is my new found love!

This is just epic! The moment I knew this anime, I've read the manga in just a few days and I'm now updated! Those were like 102 chapters. Whew~!

And now, it's part of my cosplan. :) I'll be Yamaguchi Tadashi (12) and I'm part of a cosgroup. Yey! \(^w^)/ I don't know when will we cosplay it, but maybe mid-year, I guess.

Currently, the anime has 3 episodes and I'm so excited for the next episode on Sunday. :)

Keep posted!