Girl Action Adventure~

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There's this new anime entitled, "Akuma no Riddle" and I think it's very cool. (*´・v・)

The anime is really great. A great story, cute and pretty characters with different personalities and ultimate action. The setting is at Myoujou Academy. There are 12 assassins, including Tokaku Azuma and they are all in what they call the Black Class. Including in that class is Ichinose Haru which is targeted by everyone even Azuma, but she eventually developed her feelings and decided to protect Ichinose.

I researched about it and as I saw some sites that states that its genre is action and yuri. Yuri is a term that means girls' love. When I first watched an anime with the yuri genre, I was literally shocked and I never wanted to watch an anime with the same genre. 

You might be asking, if Akuma no Riddle was yuri, why did I watch it? I thought it was just an action anime, the research I've done was after watching the first episode. :) Since I like the story, I continued to watched it even though I'm not fond of the yuri genre. 

It's really great! You should watch it, too, especially if you're fond of an action-filled anime. \(^▽^)/

I just watched the latest episode and it never fails me. I really love this anime. Even the opening and ending theme songs are great.

That's all~

Keep posted (´ ▽`).。o♡