Bonding with My Best Friend

9:40 PM Rin 0 Comments

Today, I came over to my best friend's place. My best friend, Inna, is my best friend since 1st grade. So, we are like sisters already. Our families are also close. I mean, hello? Almost 12 years, who wouldn't be, right?
As usual, we had this endless talk and had endless topics. :) It was really great. We get to know each other more and especially get updates from our college lives. We are studying in different schools and so, we kinda see each other like once in a blue moon. I also saw her artworks. And they were really awesome. I didn't know she had it in her. 

It's really great to have girl talks and especially bonding with your best friend. :)

I just wanna share, so yeah, that's all. :)

Keep posted. :)