10 struggles a Filipino student studying in a different city understands

Students nowadays experience travelling far from home just to get to school. So, here are a few struggles that students studying in a school/university that is in a different city will understand:

1. You wake up way too early than your classmates
Most of your classmates are just a few kilometers from your school or just around the city but you aren’t. While they are leaving their houses at 6am for your 7am class, you are already almost to school.

2. Travelling to and from another city is costly.
Yes. Unless, you are some rich kid with a chauffeur that drives you to and from school, commuting is really expensive.

3. Hello traffic!
This is the reason why you get late sometimes. Even if you left home early, traffic is so unpredictable.

4. You’re so unlucky when they suspend classes a little bit late.
Early morning, you’re on the bus going to school and then you received an announcement that they have suspended the classes or your professor won’t be coming to your class. Worst case is, that’s the only class you’re going to attend to in the morning.

5. You spend more time travelling than studying.
Let us all recall our elementary lesson that it’s not good to read while inside a moving vehicle and so you just can’t force your eyes to read your books/notes in the bus. You’ll get dizzy or something. And since traffic is like here and there, you spent hours on the bus or something rather than being home studying.

6. Sleep is for the weak.
Uh-huh. Imagine your class ending up at around 8pm and your class for tomorrow starts at 7am. Since travelling takes too much time, you’ll be home late and you still need to do your homework, other school stuff and let’s be honest, you still check your social media accounts that leads you to sleeping late and then you’ll wake up early morning and ta-da! It’s either you’re as sleepy as hell or energetic as a pup chasing a ball.

7. Forgetting is heartbreaking.
As a student, you have a lot to think about---home works, reports, projects, research papers and there comes a time when you forgot something important at home. Going back to get it(especially when you are already in school) will take a lot of time and money. You’re seriously gonna be stressed about it especially when it’s your project to be submitted that day.

8. You feel lazy to attend your one and only class in a day.
Unlucky you if you only have an hour and a half class for the whole day. You feel like you’ve just wasted your time, effort, uniform and money. But it ain’t defeat when you have a few school works to be done with your classmates and especially, you got your allowance.

9. Group work, group work, group work.
Just imagine if you’re the lone member of the group who is living from afar. You’re not familiar with the place you’re going to or the vehicles you need to ride on just to get to your meeting place. You’re lucky if you don’t get lost.

10. Getting home late.
In contrast, to being the first one to wake up for school, you’re the one who always gets home late. Just imagine going home late at night and there are less people and PUVs.

Merry Christmas

メリー クリスマス みんな~!

I just wanna greet each and everyone a merry MERRY CHRISTMAS~! Yey!
Let us all share the spirit of peace, love and joy with everyone. May this season bring us and the ones we treasure most closer. Happy Holidays and Merry Christmas!

My babies are sick TAT

Ever since the super typhoon "Hagupit" hit the Philippines and we've been experiencing great and unsual weather change, my two kitties--Shiro and Yoru, got sick. I took them to the vet yesterday and they were prescribed multivitamins and probiotics. But f they don't get well by three days, they need to undergo several tests like fecalysis and complete blood count. I seriously want to cry because they seem so down although they will play with you if you play with them. *cries* What's worse is that Shiro is vomiting and pooping in liquid form. It's been like four days. Before he still eats normally, but since yesterday, he seems like lost his appetite. Yoru keeps on sleeping all day long but eats and drinks normally. I'm really worried. I hope they'll be fine sooner. *prays*

Kisumai poster!!!

I am a member of a Japanese culture organization in our university. Actually, I was the one who established it. *laughs* Anyways, yesterday, we had our Christmas party. I got to hang out with my friends who also love anime, manga and J-music. Me and my friends,who are also JE fans, kept on singing different JE songs. We totally had the last song syndrome for Ultra Music Power by Hey! Say! JUMP. I mean, when one will say, "J", automatically, one will continue the song by saying, "Johnny's" and it continues until we reach the chorus. It was very fun.

But, what made me happiest is what my senpai had given to me. He already graduated from college but he drops by every now and then. Because he said that he had been receiving so much this year, he wanted to give something in return. So, he had a merchandise giveaway. Weeeeeee! I told him if I could have the Kis-My-Ft2 poster and yatta! He brought it yesterday and gave it to me. I am so happy! I could really faint at that time. The poster was huge! It was a poster from the Everybody Go Single Launch of Kisumai here in the Philippines. It's in a mint condition so yeah, it was really huge and pretty. I'm already out of words but that's what I wanna share.


Hisashiburi JE


So the first week of classes has just begun and our schedule looks like it's final. Well, I hope it'll be'coz it's really hard when the schedule changes and then you won't have any free days. Ya-da! 

Since last semester, I was really fond of watching J dramas and movies. I'm telling you, I've watched a lot during the semester even though it was really hectic. Anyways, I've watched Shiritsu Bakaleya Koukou. It's a 2012 Japanese drama where the male cast is from Johnny's Entertainment and the female cast is from AKB. It's about the merging of two schools--the yankee school and the prestigious all girl school. It was a great drama. Ever since I watched this drama, it made me a Johnny's fan. AGAIN. I am a fan of Johnny's talents since 2008. Hey! Say! JUMP was the first Johnny's idol group that I liked. But since I was busy with school and I've been into manga and anime lately, I was really outdated with J-music especially JE's. And so, I say "Hisashiburi da na Johnny's". *winks* I've been downloading PVs, mp3s, their TV shows and I really regret that I'm not that updated for the past few years. OTL.

I'm currently into Sexy Zone. :) Nakajima Kento is there and Kikuchi Fuma before they were just from B. I Shadow--a Johnny's Jr. subunit and I've watched them from Scrap Teacher and now they've already debuted. Sugoi desu ne?!

I also like Kis-my-Ft2 and Johnny's Jr talents now. I've been watching VS Arashi and Sexy Zone Channel lately. :) I've downloaded some episode of Cartoon KAT-TUN even though the show is already done in Japan. 

Anyways, Johnny's talents are simply amazing! I hope they continue to grow and I wish them more power and luck in their career. I really recommend their songs, shows and dramas. It's worthwhile and a stress reliever. Yes, it will relieve you from stress. Their shows will make you laugh. you'll enjoy it. I swear. 

Well, that's all for now. I'm currently downloading a Sexy Zone Channel episode and it's really taking so long.

P.S. Shiro and Yoru are getting along now. Yey!

Black and White

Hey there.

It's been a month since I adopted a new cat. :)

I think he's an albino domestic short hair since he's a white cat with pale blue eyes. We call him, "Shiro". In Japanese, "shiro" means "white" just like his fur. :)He was so thin and ragged when we saw him but now he's gotten a little bit bigger and a little chubbier. :)

And just a few days ago, we decided to take a new kitten in. She's a black cat. We call her, "Yoru". In Japanese, "yoru" means "night". We decided to name her that because we found her at nighttime and we didn't want to name our cats ending with the same rhyme because they might confuse each others names since they are just kitties. :)

Since they are from different litters, they still don't like each others presence, until now. It's really hard. We seperate them though. Shiro is a bit jealous, I guess. Since he's the little prince in our house and now ur attention will be split into two of them. There are moments that Shiro tries to be friendly by licking Yoru's body but Yoru interprets like she's hurt that's why she gets mad. This also makes Shiro mad and so they end up fighting anyway. *sigh* We keep an eye when they are together outside for playtime. I guess, female cats are just dominant to males. *laughs* But, they are really fighting, not playing because they are hissing at each other and seems to be mad, really mad.

Anyways, I hope they will get along sooner. :) I'll update a new post when they are already friends , I guess. Let's keep our fingers crossed. :)

See ya!

Bye first sem, hello sembreak


It's been a long time isn't it?

I'm really sorry I was really busy with academics. I even have to lay low on anime, manga and cosplay stuff.

The oh-so perfect schedule when you enrolled turned out to be the worst schedule ever. It was really a tiring schedule. Real talk. Plus, I have this professor that gave our block tons of school work.

But, patience and hard work really pays off.  I just want to share my grades for this semester. I don't usually share my grades because I think showing your grades feels like you're just showing off. But modesty aside, I want to share this with you guys because hard work, perseverance and sacrifice pays off. I'm overwhelmed with my grades and I think studying well really gives you good grades. I've been slacking on studying for quite a while but this semester was really challenging so I need to give myself a little push. Thanks to that, I'm still part of the Dean's List. Yey!

So now that the semester is finally over, hello SEMBREAK!Weeeeeeeee!

And so, my mind and body finally realized that it is already semestral break. I told myself to lessen use of social media sites for a while. :) I don't know why but I just want to.

I'm currently indulging myself with animes and mangas. For cosplay, I really think I'd go on a hiatus since I'm having a hard time saving up my allowance since there are loads of expenses in school.

That's it for now, i guess.

I'll post again sometime this month.

Keep posted!